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Comfort Zone

I'm walking into a new chapter of my life... It's scary but I'm excited.

Are you more of a spontaneous person or do you like planning stuff out?

Sometimes it’s difficult to be spontaneous. You end up debating which path is the “right” one. But in the end life is a crazy adventure, each path has its own story. So just go for whatever feels right, even if it’s out of your comfort zone at first.

You've probably heard many quotes about comfort zones, yes they can sound very cheesy but one I really value is "life begins at the end of your comfort zone".

Really think about that. If you live life never going outside of your comfort zone, you might be comfortable but will it be something to help you grow and learn new skills that you can be proud of?

It is pushing past those sparks of uncertainty and anxiety that lead you to conquer new adventures and personal growth.

Why am I talking about comfort zones today?

Well, I've had to reflect upon this topic myself for the last few months and I decided it's time for me to leave my own comfort zone.

The best adventures and moments of my life were a reflection of pushing myself to leave my comfort zone. At the age of 16, I decided to be a little rebel and start university early (regardless of my high school principal and parents being against this idea) I was certain of my passion for film and I knew I could do it.

So I packed my bags and left Istanbul and started a new journey in London.

Now looking back at it...16 year old Ela was pretty badass to move alone at that age.

Of course there were obstacles along the way but I greeted them with a smile and once I pushed past the fear and learning zone, I was so proud of myself. I achieved some great things.

Ever since then, leaving my comfort zone and learning new things and going on new adventures has been my number one mission in life, until.... the dreaded year of 2020.

The pandemic really set me back, I felt trapped as I imagine you reading this might have too. I took it a step further and made sure not to take any risks that could harm my family or the society around me. I waited patiently at home for 1.5 years and tried to develop my own business and skills in the meantime whilst doing a "social fasting" as I like to call it haha.

But now I am realising that this situation may last a few more years and I can't do this to myself any longer and waste my potential.

So here we go again with the comfort zone...

Almost two years of no restaurants, no parties, no seeing friends... nothing but Zoom.

Now I'll suddenly be back out in the world. I am going to be moving countries, working on some new exciting opportunities. It's a big step out of my current comfort zone but just like I did at age 16, I will do it again in this weird new strange world too.

I am excited but also don't know what to expect...

I encourage you to push yourself to leave your comfort zone too in whichever way works for you, whether that be messaging someone new or taking up a new hobby or skillset, just do it. Go for whatever will help you grow.

I’m excited to start a new chapter of my life soon. I will keep you guys updated (especially on my Instagram, add me if you haven't already @ela_kir).

As always,

Seek endless adventures and speak to you guys soon!


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