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Best Luxury Hotels of 2023- Top 5

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

In the pursuit of unparalleled luxury and hospitality, my travels in 2023 led me to some remarkable hotels that surpassed all expectations. Join me as I take you through my top 5 hotels of the year, each offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and exceptional service.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Tunis: Where Elegance Meets Tranquility

Nestled along the Mediterranean coast, the Four Seasons Hotel Tunis epitomises luxury with its sophisticated design and breathtaking sea views. The hotel seamlessly blends traditional Tunisian architecture with modern elegance. Guests are treated to spacious rooms, world-class amenities, and impeccable service. There are multiple on-site dining options, including The CREEK restaurant, which I absolutely loved (pictured below). Also had the BEST breakfast ever during this trip - check it out here.

In Four Seasons Tunis, I stayed in the luxury "Sea View Suite" and it was absolutely breath-taking.

Check out some of my Four Seasons content here and here! (more on @Ela_Kir)

Four Seasons Tunis Tunisia hotel photo and The CREEK bistro photo

2. Hilton Malta: A Mediterranean Oasis of Comfort

Overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Hilton Malta stands as a beacon of luxury on the island. The hotel boasts lavish rooms with panoramic sea and marina views, providing a serene retreat. Its extensive facilities include multiple pools, a spa, and a variety of dining options (we had dinner at Blue Elephant restaurant and absolutely loved it - pictured below). With its great location near historic sites and vibrant nightlife, Hilton Malta offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Indulging in the ' Marina Spa Terrace' room was an absolute delight; not only was the space generously expansive, but the terrace jacuzzi, providing the pinnacle of luxury relaxation, paired perfectly with captivating marina views.

Stay tuned on my Instagram @Ela_Kir for some Hilton Malta coming soon 👀

Hilton Malta Marina Terrace Spa room and Blue Elephant meal

3. InterContinental Budapest: Danube Magic in Luxury

Perched on the banks of the Danube River, InterContinental Budapest casts a spell with its enchanting views and luxurious accommodations. This five-star gem seamlessly blends modern elegance with a touch of Hungarian charm. The rooms offer a sanctuary of comfort, with a panoramic backdrop of Budapest's best views, illuminated by the city lights. With its central location near historic landmarks and cultural attractions, InterContinental Budapest is not just a hotel; it's a gateway to the city's rich tapestry of history and contemporary allure. Immerse yourself in luxury along the Danube and let the InterContinental Budapest redefine your Budapest experience. Also while you're there check out their ARZ Lebanese Restaurant! Staying in the "Grand Castle Suite" the room directly looked onto the parliament offering a front row seat to the best sights of the city - definitely want to go back soon!

Check out some of my InterContinental Budapest content here and here! You can find more content from my trip on my Instagram @Ela_Kir

intercontinental budapest hotel

4. Manon Les Suites Copenhagen: Urban Chic with a Bohemian Twist

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Manon Les Suites combines urban chic with a bohemian twist. This all-suite hotel offers spacious, stylish accommodations adorned with vibrant colors and eclectic furnishings. The jungle pool provides a unique and stunning. vibe, while the hotel's commitment to sustainability adds an eco-friendly touch to the luxurious experience. With its central location and unique design, Manon Les Suites offers a one-of-a-kind stay in the Danish capital.

Check out my Manon Les Suites content here!

manon les suites copenhagen luxury hotel

5. Banks Mansion Amsterdam: Unparalleled Elegance along the Canal

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Amsterdam's canals, Banks Mansion is a boutique hotel that exudes timeless elegance. What sets Banks Mansion apart is its "all-inclusive" concept, offering complimentary drinks, snacks, and an extensive breakfast buffet, making you truly feel at home. The attentive staff and charming atmosphere make it a home away from home in the heart of Amsterdam.

Check out my content (some cool drone footage!) from Banks Mansion here.

banks mansion amsterdam luxury hotels

These top 5 hotels of 2023 have left an incredible mark on my travel experiences, setting the standard for luxury and comfort. From the coastal elegance of Four Seasons Tunis to the Mediterranean oasis of Hilton Malta, the urban chic of Manon Les Suites Copenhagen, the enchanting vibe of InterContinental Budapest along the Danube, and the home away from home feeling of Banks Mansion Amsterdam, each hotel has added its unique flair to my journey. These establishments are not merely places to stay; they are destinations in themselves, promising an unforgettable blend of luxury, service, and style.

Let's see what adventures 2024 has in store 👀

Let me know which hotels I should check out in 2024! Stay tuned on my adventures on Instagram @Ela_Kir.

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