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top 10 things to do in Budapest

Budapest is a city full of history, culture, and beauty.

Keep reading to hear my ultimate guide to Budapest packed with travel tips including the best destinations and attractions in Budapest that you won't want to miss!

1.Explore Fisherman's Bastion:

Located in the heart of Budapest, Fisherman's Bastion is a Neo-Gothic terrace that offers panoramic views of the city. With its seven turrets and stunning architecture, it's a must-visit attraction for any traveler.

2. Visit St. Stephen's Basilica:

Named after Hungary's first king, St. Stephen's Basilica is a stunning neoclassical church that's home to one of the largest church bells in Hungary. Climb to the top for incredible views of the city.

3. Stay at InterContinental Budapest:

Located on the banks of the Danube River, InterContinental Budapest is the perfect place to stay for a luxurious and convenient Budapest experience. With its stunning views of the river and the Buda Castle, it's the perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing.

The hotel's facilities are second to none, with a fully equipped fitness center, a luxurious spa, and Club InterContinental with stunning views of the city and the perfect spot to unwind. Dining options at the hotel are also exceptional, with ARZ lebanese restaurant serving up delicious meals. Whether you're in Budapest for business or pleasure, a stay at the InterContinental Hotel Budapest is sure to be an unforgettable experience. (The below image was from my room The Grand Castle Suite).

4. Climb Gellért Hill:

For some of the best views of Budapest, head to Gellért Hill. The climb to the top can be a bit steep, but the panoramic views of the city and the Danube River are definitely worth it.

5. Visit Vajdahunyad Castle:

This stunning castle is located in City Park and is home to the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture. With its stunning architecture and picturesque location, it's a great spot for photos. It's also very close to Heroes Square and Szechenyi Bath so you will be able to see all three attractions in the same visit!

6. Take a Danube River cruise:

A Danube River cruise is one of the best ways to see Budapest from a different perspective. Choose from a variety of sightseeing tours or opt for a romantic dinner cruise to see the city at night. I went on a night dinner river cruise with Silverline Cruises and it was so much fun! The sights were incredible and the food was great, there was also some Hungarian folklore!

7. Try some Hungarian cuisine:

Budapest is known for its delicious food, and there are plenty of traditional dishes to try. From goulash to chimney cake, make sure to sample some of the city's best dishes.

8. Visit the Buda Castle:

Located on the hill overlooking the Danube River, the Buda Castle is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. With its museums, galleries, and stunning views of the city, it's a must-visit attraction.

9. Discover the statues around the city:

Budapest is home to many beautiful statues and sculptures, from the famous Shoes on the Danube Bank to the statue of Anonymous in the City Park.

My personal favourite was the one below and also a painter which you can find on my "Budapest" highlight on my Instagram profile.

10. Cruise around the city on an electric scooter:

One of the best ways to see Budapest's sights is by renting an electric scooter. You can cover more ground than on foot, and it's a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the city.

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 things to see, visit, eat and do in Budapest!

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Always seek endless adventures ✨


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