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Top 5 Things to do in Berlin

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Berlin was my first solo travel destination and it was such an adventure! It’s a city that will leave a strong impression on you, a place that holds many stories on the surface for you to see: stories of East and West Berlin, stories of the past, present and future, stories of former tragedies and modern tolerance. Keep on reading to find out my top 5 things to do in Berlin!

Keep on reading to find out my top 5 things to do in Berlin!

1. visit the Berlin Wall: East side gallery

While the Berlin Wall Memorial tells a story of the past, the East Side Gallery hits it from a different angle. It paints a perfect picture of the Cold War mindset.

The East Side Gallery is a 1.3-kilometre section of the former Berlin Wall along Mühlenstraße. It’s one of the world’s largest open-air art galleries. The gallery is decorated with over 100 paintings by renowned international artists. As an art lover, this was honestly maybe my favourite place to visit in Berlin!

2. Spend a day at Museum Island

Museum Island is one of the best places to go in Berlin for having a glimpse of ancient history and art.

Here are the museums I have been to and a short description of each:

  • Pergamon museum – One of the most visited museums in Europe! You will find the Ishtar Gate, the Processional Way, the Market Gate of Miletus, and Islamic art there, among other things.

  • Bode museum – go there to see impressive sculptures, Byzantine and Antique art

  • Neues museum – this one is great if you are interested in Ancient Egyptian art

  • Altes museum – for fans of Greek, Etruscan and Roman art

  • Alte Nationalgalerie – a National Art Gallery with Neoclassical, Romantic, Impressionist and early Modernist artwork

On Museum Island there is also the magnificent dome of the Cathedral Church (Berliner Dom) it's one of the main landmarks in Berlin's cityscape.

Pro Tip: you can climb 270 steps to the dome's outer walkway - and be rewarded by some stunning panoramic views! (Totally worth it, trust me!)

3. catch a glimpse of the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, is a former city gate to Berlin, as well as a major symbol of the capital city. The Brandenburg Gate is beautiful at day and night, so I definitely recommend passing by it twice!

4. Have a Currywurst at Mauerpark Flea-market

You can't visit Berlin and not have a currywurst! I had my first one at a vibrant outdoor local flea-market in Mauerpark. It's a great way to experience local life and wander around the countless stalls filled with vintage clothes, antiques and other goods. The market happens every Sunday between 10AM - 6PM.

5. pay your respects at the Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust memorial is a place for everyone to reflect, it represents the worst of what humanity can do and gives us a chance to recognise and learn from the past. Going there to pay my respects and taking a minute of silence touched me and I think it's a valuable experience that everyone would take something from.

Bonus tip: Visit the Charlottenburg Palace

The day I visited the Charlottenburg Palace, it was unfortunately closed. Although I didn't get to see all of the palace, my friend and I met one of the palace workers outside and he allowed us to wander around the palace! The entire palace presented itself with majestically equipped rooms and salons. My favourite part about the palace however, was the baroque garden outside with its diverse architectures pieced together as a unique ensemble.

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 things to do in Berlin! Have you ever been to Berlin or planning a trip there soon? You can always reach out to me on Instagram at @Ela_Kir if you have any questions or comments (I post more travel tips on there too!). Come back each week for new blog posts featuring secret tips for the best travel destinations and more.

Always seek endless adventures,



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